If you need a wrench , you’ll find one in one of the boxes near the right wall. Now grab a bundle of dynamite from the box on the right. Jump off onto the ledge and then work your way around to the whip platform on the right. Begin by pushing the train car along the tracks to the end. Operate the gear on the other side of the room to release the slave. When the rubble disappears, you’ll find a handle. As you fight them, one of the freed slaves goes through the crawlspace at the top of the steps on the right and pulls the lever there to raise the 2 square platforms below.

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Here you’ll find the mailbox to send the parcel home. When you’ve taken care of them, jump onto the platform and turn the key to lower the cage and free the slave child inside. Attach it to the green piece on the wall next to the cage and pull it to open the cage and let the children out.

In the next room stand Indy on the whip platform and pull the ring above to get the legoo needed to build a handrail. The first is just to the right of the crawlspace; the other is near the curve in the train track. His face looks like the face of Indiana Jonesbut with black hair. Run with the dynamite toward the fence between your characters and the conveyor belt.


Smash the boxes to find a button. Each successful hit takes one of his hearts. Watch out for a Thuggee with a crossbow lurking over here if you didn’t xlave him earlier.

Thuggee Slave Driver

Use the key to raise a whip platform. Then turn the key on the left to move the conveyor across the lava pool to the other side, dumping the part on the ground near where Willie is waiting. Repeat this to get the part all the way across to the cave on the right. Step on the button to start the lift. Now Willie can reach the second bits box. The first is near the fence on the far left. Treasure 5 [ edit ] Take care of the baddies then break the stuff under the platform holding the cage to find the Floor Zlave.

Begin by pushing the train car along the tracks to the end. Use Indy’s whip to pull the ring on the ledge.

Temple of Doom Level 4: Free the Slaves – LEGO Indiana Jones Walkthrough

You might want to wait until the boss is on the conveyor belt before you start excavating. Have Indy whip swing into the far background and retrieve the Object on the floor.

Jump over to the first small ledge and use the whip to grab the part. Use it to dig in the sparkling area on leyo right to unearth a golden key.


Thuggee | Lego Indiana Jones Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Jump on top of the green platform cart, jump to the area where the Maharajah is, and punch him again. Punch the slave driver a few times until he falls down. Grab a bundle of dynamite.

Use both sets of bits to fix the mine thhuggee. Go leho the door the slave child opened for you. Build a ladder so Indy can climb up. The Thuggee Slave Driver is much stronger than most bosses in the game but can easily get wlave. When you hit the Maharajah a third time, he snaps out of his trance and realizes Short Round is a friend.

Carry it across the room and place it on the green plate. When it’s working again, use it to reach the next area and smack the Maharaja that would be the little dude in red. Fight more Thuggees just inside this large, open area. Smash the boards blocking the exit. The boss man will move onto the conveyor belt.

He will then open the door for you.