The case here is two idiots and one poor truck driver just trying to make a living and not get killed in the process. We know, advertisements are annoying and slow down the internet. Throw the book at him. Check out the latest forum discussions at the GM Authority forums! A pickup driver in a road-weary Sierra. May 5, at 8: May 5, at 7:

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One of the trucks was awarded a full 32 oz.

Impatient Camaro Driver – video dailymotion

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When he lost control he took out two other vehicles. In some places immpatient may have had a shot put through his window for his efforts as I have seen that on the news many times. The Camaro was tailgating. You can argue that the pick-up driver is partly to blame, since he is blocking the left lane and not camarro past the semi truck in the right.

Both drivers are to blame here but mostly the Camaro driver.

May 5, at 8: I think it could have been handled differently but in the end the entirety of fault is towards the Camaro. Notice that he was passing the semi right up to the point where he could have pulled over to let the Camaro pass. May impateint, at 4: Plain and simple camaro was cited and its driver needs help.


Camaro Road Rage Crash Dashcam Video | GM Authority

He was already pissed and then got stupid trying to pass on the grass with out being Dale Earnhardt. May 4, at 6: Following the law is to drive right, pass left.

The bigger, smarter man just stays out of crap like this. GM Authority Newsletter Subscribe for free to receive our daily newsletter in your inbox. Sure everyone may think speeding is fun and we all want to be like the fast and the furious but the guy did nothing wrong in the truck — he actually did everything he was supposed to.

The Camaro was trying to push over the truck before there was enough space for him to safely make the lane change. Well the Camaro should have never passed on the right.

Generally the life they take if you keep out of the way is their own. We know, advertisements are annoying and slow down the internet.

Bench for your nascar driver all you want.

If someone had dies he would have face Vehicular manslaughter. Again, all I see is a truck following the law — whom you say is the Vigilante in this video lol? He probobly would of kept speeding while impaired possibly hitting a family on vacation.


He then did an illegal pass in the brake down lane. We would love for you to enjoy our content, we’ve worked hard on providing it.

Impatient Chevrolet Camaro driver causes pile up in US

Had two 18 wheelers do that to my family with my wife driving, we waited for many miles before we caught a gap between the trucks to get through.

I agree that both the driver of the Camaro Kiran Thapa and the driver of impatjent pick-up share some culpability in the accident, but the lion share of the blame definitely goes to the one who was: In most impstient the left lane is for passing only. I pass quickly to keep some yahoo from trying to prevent from passing before the passing lanes end. May 4, at 7: That merge attempt was insane.