Installation without problem on 2 pc: The manual is adequate but nothing can replace practice, with 8 inputs and outputs, especially the need to wire crativit! PCI bus mastering allows more plugins to be used in the audio software. Er, less than I wanted to have a lot of entries, pramplis Intgr not too rotten, but mostly because I had a rack more than enough of me to look at the pc derrire. ASIO resource-intensive if the buffer size is low low latency.

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D-OUT — 2 pin digital connector You can connect to an internal device using a 2 pin cable. The manual is adequate but nothing can replace practice, with 8 inputs and outputs, especially the need to wire crativit! I pri waiting for my package that I do not have the problem I have ben t satisfied! PCI card, Power Cables, connection cableswith freight prepaid and adequate insurance.

Then, all required software is installed and Windows will ask you to restart the system. The INCA88 will satisfy beginners who have just become involved in digital audio to professional musicians who produce music at a professional level with its many features and useful functions. You can move the fader in three different ways. The software installation is not too hard, even for computer beginners.


Setting in Application INCA88 is a multimedia digital audio device designed to be used for audio work in a Windows environment. Recording from GigaStudio to Cubase Cubasis included in this package has a limitation on the number of output ports and other functions.

Therefore, you need to set the Input and Output levels in each port. Other product and brand names are trademarks or registered. The signal that comes out of this connector is the same as the Coaxial and Optical signal. Page 30 INCA88 2. However, it could look complex since there are many inputs and outputs.

Audiotrak INCA88 Manuals

Incz88 pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. This control panel is where you control your setup for the INCA If the returned product is deemed to be defective, the repaired or replacement product will audiotrzk.

You will be amazed at the various and powerful functions and features of INCA88 when you use it. The sample rate must be selected here, then the same sample rate has to be set in your application.

The only solution is to fix this: Log in Become a member. Obviously not up to date!

Audiotrak INCA 88 sound card???

You can adjust it the same way as in Normal Mode. Basically, INCA88 is a digital audio interface with multiple inputs and outputs that can be confusing when you connect it to external equipment.


Just follow the steps below and you will complete it without any problems. For the price No competitor offers such.

The same signal will come out of the master output and the two headphones sets. Note the phantom power supply on both inputs pramplifie which is sufficient for my static 12 v. PCI bus mastering allows more plugins to adiotrak used in the audio software. Seoul, Korea as being packaged in the original or equivalent protective packaging material Rack.

AudioTrak INCA 88 and Sonar 3.1.1

It replaced my SBLive. It may plant it is not perfect in this regard l. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our audjotrak. Gigabyte Nforce 2 with the dual machi nthat boosts memory in pairs.